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Article appeared on Young Space

"So I would say that my work today is a mix of things, people, places, artists, artworks that I've loved and hated. Moreover, my research starts from the intersection between memory, space, and time... so a part of it is based on memories and on the study of them."

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Interview for Made in Arts London and Metro Imaging in occasion of the launch of the new MiAL and METRO Mentorship 2017

"It helped me a lot to learn to face problems and issues in a more mature way. It also helped me to accept failure as part of the learning process, so to always try to do something."

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Interview for University of the Arts of London about the pieces presented for the Wimbledon College of Arts Postgraduate Final Show; also with Sebastião Castelo Lopes

"I also worked on an installation which is made up with moulds of pillows. Each one is different. My work is about memory and the domestic space, so the idea came because I realised that moulds work basically the same as how a memory works. It’s the proof that something was there but it’s not there anymore, and every time that you cast something in a mould, you will get the right shape but there will always be something slightly different from the original object. This is like what happens when we try to remember something."

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Interview with Sebastião Castelo Lopes about "you were in luck -- there was a forest" exhibition at Chelsea College of Arts, London UK

"It’s not drawing, it’s not painting – it’s something that is between them and it’s much more sculptural. For us, one of the things that is common between us is that we are really engaged with the reaction of the public. Until now, our collaborative works were meant to involve the public and to use objects in a different way."

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Article about the Intersection exhibition at Hoxton Arches, London UK


"For ‘Intersection’ Giulia collaborated with fellow artist-friend Sebastião Castelo Lopes studying MA Drawing also at Wimbledon. Together their work questioned audience reactions to the composition and material of particular objects."


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Interview for Metro Imaging


"The practical experimentation and processes have always been a fundamental part of my work.  I’m really engaged by the relationship that can arise between the materiality of a work and the viewer.  The research on the materials is something that runs along my theoretical research: these two aspects of my work balance themselves."


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Interview for the University of Arts of London - Wimbledon College of Art


“Even though I am not actually painting, I think there is something about my work that can remind people of painting. A lot of people have told me that my work is very pictorial, so in some ways I am still painting but just using different methods."


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Presentation of MiAL/METRO Mentorship 2016 winner on the-dots uk


"After a wealth of applications, inspiring meetings with some incredibly talented emerging artists and a lot of deliberation we are now thrilled to announce that the winner of the MiAL & Metro Mentorship is Wimbledon College of Arts student, Giulia Cacciuttolo."


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Article in occasion of the MiAL/METRO Mentorship winner announcement



“The creative industries are becoming increasingly saturated and competition never higher. Yet emerging artists struggle to fund and gain support from the very industry that depends on them and their creative ideas.

In 2005 Metro Imaging instigated a mentorship programme that attempted to build a bridge between education and industry, providing funding; support and guidance for those emerging from education. The programme has gone from strength to strength and has become an established success, mentoring an average of ten people a year.

We are delighted to be collaborating with MiAL and its inaugral mentorship winner Giulia Cacciuttolo – what is very exciting is that Giulia is not directly linked to photography, which reflects the diverse nature of clients that we now work with. Also for the first time we get the opportunity to mentor someone whilst they are still in the education stream and trust that the experience will provide Giulia with the best resource possible to further her career prospects.”


– Steve MacLeod, Metro Imaging director 


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